Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Time for another everyday, affordable wine review. Tonight its the 2007 "Le Jaja de Jau," a Syrah that hails from the Pays d'Oc region of Southwestern France. This wine and I go way back, I've been drinking it for years and it is consistently decent. It is also, consistently around $10, which is pretty impressive given the way most wines have been creeping up in price. This is not a heavy Syrah at all, it is light and juicy. On the nose you get some grapey fruit with an underlying earthiness. The palate continues on with purple berries mixed in with a bit of black pepper. The finish is nice, with light tannins and a lingering bit of fruit. Great for a party or a barbecue where there are a lot of different foods being served. A wonderful bottle for the price if you can find it!

-by the way, this is our new rating system, I think
it's pretty self-explanatory.


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