Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I enjoyed tonight's episode of "Lost" much more than the Season Premiere. For a moment there I thought we were even going to see the ELUSIVE smoke monster! I love everything to do with Richard and his permanently eye lined eyes. He seems to keep the show a bit grounded amidst all of the crazy side-stories and new characters. He is like a beacon, a lighthouse that makes us feel as if yes, we are back on our old island. The island of the others, and polar bears, and strange 70's instructional videos. Not this NEW island with all these brand new people who act like they own the place. While Kate and Jack and Hurley and Sayid, all the best people, are stuck back in L.A. wearing normal, non-tight and non-sweaty clothing and bathing and shaving and stuff. Its just a lot to deal with after all of these years. So its nice to know that Richard is there. He's our constant. Funny side note, if you google Richard Alpert you find out that there is a very real person who has this same name who worked alongside the likes of Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg. He now calls himself Ram Dass. Coincidence?

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