Tuesday, January 27, 2009


With the Oscars right around the corner we are doing our best to see ALL of
the nominated movies within the next few weeks. Today we saw "Happy Go Lucky," a whimsical comedy about a single 30 year old woman in London who refuses to grow up and be serious. The lead role is wonderfully portrayed by Sally Hawkins, who keeps the character bubbly and funny without ever stepping into the realm of the annoying. Hawkins recently won the Golden Globe for this role and the film is up for Best Screenplay at the Oscars. The story itself defies any sort of textbook movie formula. It is more of a loving portrait of a child-like woman and her friends, following them through their normal day-to-day activities. Their is no real jeopardy, nor any real obstacles to overcome. The drama in the movie deals with Poppy's relationship with her curmudgeonly driving instructor, Scott. Poppy, in her ernest and sweet ways, seems to think she can win anybody over and tries her darndest with him, both failing and succeeding in the end. There are some great laughs in Happy Go Lucky as well as several really tender moments. Even the most minor characters in the film are masterfully drawn, making the film a beautiful look into the lives of some ordinary folks living in London. It is nothing short of delightful.


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