Saturday, March 14, 2009


For my money, Luna Park on La Brea at Wilshire, is one of the most pleasant restaurants in L.A. The food is consistently good, with a diverse menu offering a nice selection of California-Nouveau-Bistro food. The appetizers are great, the Poke being our favorite. For entrees the Stuffed Pork, Half-Chicken and Hangar Steak are always satisfying. The cocktails are super good, inventive, creative and tasty. The atmosphere is great and manages at once to feel intimate and convivial. It has a New York crowded bistro feel, without the attitude and poor service. In fact, Luna Park is one of the most well-run restaurants in which I have ever had the pleasure of dining. I know that's a bold statement, but I was just there on a busy, Saturday night at 8pm and we immediately got a table and had wonderful and efficiently served meal. That's unfortunately pretty rare. And I saw some things tonight that I found, as a girl who worked for over a decade in restaurants, thoroughly impressive. It really is one of my favorite spots. They have a location in The Mission in San Francisco as well, I haven't been there, but I'm guessing it's good too. I just have a hunch.

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