Saturday, March 14, 2009


LACMA is underrated. Yes it is confusing and pedestrian-unfriendly. But, all in all it's a pretty dope museum. There are a few exhibits there at the moment that are definitely worth a visit. One is the "Art of Two Germanys/ Cold War Cultures" exhibit, and while you're there, you really ought to check out the mind-blowing "Francis Alys: Fabiola" which ends March 29th. The "Germanys" exhibit is both fascinating and moving, a beautifully chosen and installed walk through the psyche of a post-war culture that is at once devastated, alienated, cautiously hopeful and literally divided. The "Fabiola" exhibit is just really freakin' cool. A small blue room filled with hundreds of different interpretations of the same subject. It's both surreal and incredibly real. Seeing so many peoples interpretations of the Saint, in the form of paintings, weavings, necklaces and carvings, somehow makes you realize how very similar we all really are. The cost to get into LACMA after 5pm is technically "However much you want to give," so it can be a free thing to do, if you can handle the judging look of the lady in the ticket office. On a day when you have nothing to do, why not take a stroll through the tarpits, grab a beer at the Cafe on the way in and spend an afternoon at the museum? We did it, and we feel pretty darn good about it.

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