Thursday, October 22, 2009


There are some places in L.A. that act like time machines; the moment you step inside you feel as if you've been transported to another place and time. Musso and Frank's is one of the best of these spots. From the old steakhouse decor to the old bartendars in red jackets, you feel as if nothing has changed there in 80 years. You half expect to see the ghosts of Hollywood past hunkering down in the darkened confines of the red vinyl booths. To top it all off, they not only make THE BEST MARTINI IN TOWN, they make one of the most affordable. $10 gets you an ice-cold martini with a sidecar good for two refills. Three martinis for the price of one; it's almost as if this place hasn't felt the recession that the rest of us have. It's protected from the horrors of the rest of the modern world, and when you step off of the crazy turmoil that is Hollywood Blvd into Musso and Frank's you'll feel protected too.

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