Friday, June 19, 2009


A trip to my local wine store today turned incredibly exciting when I saw this little puppy up on the shelf. I don't know that I've discussed my love for boxed wine on this site before because frankly it's hard to find good boxed wine. It's all over the place in Europe and has been for years. But, the same stuff they drink out of boxes there, they put into bottles to send to the U.S. They wont send it to us in boxes because they don't think Americans will drink it. The Franzias and Sutter Homes have given boxed wine an undeserved bad name. The truth is the technology out there today, known as "bag in box," keeps the wine fresh and yummy without really altering the taste of the wine. The box has a bag inside and a little plastic spigot that comes out so you can keep it in your fridge or in your bar. It's the closest that us mere mortals can get to having your very own barrel of wine in your house. The size shown here is 5 liters, that's over 6 bottles of wine for the awesome price of around $30! And it's good wine, I reviewed it a few months back on the site (click here for the review.) So if you see a boxed wine at one of your trusted wine stores, try it. The more people buy the more they'll bring in and the happier we all will be.

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