Sunday, May 10, 2009


It seems like only yesterday this season
of Lost began and now I am anxiously awaiting the finale. What will happen? Who knows! My brain hurt just trying to figure out some of last week's doozies. If it had been three years since Locke had been there then why was Locke able to watch himself walking through the jungle shot in the leg? Wasn't that 3 years ago? It seems that all logic is out the window now and the only solution is the final solution; blow up a hydrogen bomb to set things straight. Things are just getting too awkward and weird on the island for everyone and total annihilation is the only option. Obviously the whole Sawyer, Kate and Juliette together on the sub thing was horribly awkward. I couldn't find a picture so I had to make my own little "Fan Art," (I know, I'm a dork, I've already covered that.) But what about Eloise killing her own son? Jack telling Kate that he'd rather go back to never knowing her at all? Miles having to admit to Dr. Chang that he is, in fact his son from the future? Locke telling Ben he's going to kill Jacob? Everything is certainly at a boiling point and I can't wait to see how they rap it all up. But, I can't help but feeling like this season has been horribly short. Yes, they didn't subject us to the several week hiatuses of last season, but since when does 3 months constitute a season? Will we have to wait another 8 months for the 6th and final season?

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