Saturday, May 23, 2009


When I first saw this bottle at good old Trader Joe's I couldn't help but be curious. Wine in a PLASTIC BOTTLE? I'd heard about this new trend, but had yet to sample the goods. Worst case scenario I figured I could get some mileage out of throwing the bottle at my friends and watching them flinch. Boy was I surprised, this wine is one of the best 5 dollar bottles I've had in a long time. Round and full, fruity, but not too fruity. Nothing complicated, but somehow incredibly satisfying. This may be my go to party red for a while to come. You may feel conflicted about the packaging, after all glass is better for the environment than plastic. It's easier to recycle, and causes less pollution during its creation. Consider this-these bottles weigh significantly less than their glass counterparts, so when you factor in the fact that cases of these lighter bottles also weigh significantly less, you are talking about a smaller carbon footprint during the importation and distribution process. I'm just saying, being green isn't always so black and white. You can feel good about drinking this wine.

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