Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Congratulations to the Tarheels and the Carolina faithful. This tournament run was truly epic. It's not often a team sets out with a determined goal in mind and sees it through to the very end in such blisteringly convincing fashion. Just look at the 18-1 Patriots. This championship was inspiring and phenomenal, and a boon to the integrity of the college game.

I had planned to blog all through the tourney, but fate derailed me in the desert after the Sweet Sixteen. Oh well. Guess my sports blogging career is off to a bumpy start. Now I'll have to go back to writing about 12" vinyl records (as we do every week at VINE-YL.com).

100 or more of us L.A. Heels watched in awe last night at Hollywood Billiards. Joining the thousands of other enraptured clusters all over the country and around the globe. As soon as the rush died down and the alcohol started to metabolize the phone calls started coming in from all over. As I've tried to tell many friends, the tourney for Carolina fans isn't just about basketball; it's a family reunion. Last night was our lovefest.

Thank you Tyler, Ty, Wayne, Danny, Deon, Bobby Frasor, Ed Davis, Coach Williams and all the rest. It was an unforgettable night. May its traces brighten my veins like stardust for many days to come...

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