Wednesday, April 29, 2009


That's right, I skipped a week of doing Lost reviews. Just like the creators of the show, sometimes I just up and skip a week without any reason or apologies. That's how I keep you hooked. I enjoyed the episode from two weeks ago, the "Miles Chronicles." He's a compelling character and it was interesting to learn his back story. And I love Hurley bragging that he "hears dead people too." Awesome. This weeks episode was equally interesting, touching on a lot of different things, but focusing on nutty old Faraday. Things started heating up back in the 70's. Jack finally got off his ass and moved around a bit. It was so nice to see Kate and Jack both in the jungle again, but sadly still in the non-flattering Dharma jumpsuits. All the Losties were just floundering around on the Island being all "Initiativey" and then kooky-old Faraday comes back and whips everyone into action. "Dr. Chang, Miles is your son." Awesome. Anyways, things seem to be getting more and more exciting leading up to the finale. More and more exciting and more and more confusing. Derek, a relative newcomer to the show was asking me questions after the episode and I thought my brain might explode. If Daniel's mother new that she was going to shoot him and had shot him before then why is he there to be shot in the first place? Um, I don't know. All this time travel, changing the past to effect the future stuff really makes my head swim. Plus, apparently it makes you cry, A LOT. Like constantly during all conversations, especially with adorable, little Charlotte. Anyhew, I am behind excited for the next couple episodes, I think we are finally going to get some answers and no doubt a few new questions.

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