Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ah, Bonarda, one of my favorites. It's originally an Italian grape, but they also make some nice ones in Argentina. The Durigutti is a stunning example that comes in at under $10 a bottle. Bonarda is fantastic for many reasons, but to me its most stunning attribute is that it manages to be dark and juicy and manly but light at the same time. This is because the tannins are rather mild on a Bonarda, making it great with everything from grilled meat to roast chicken to pizza. It doesn't dry you out and the way a heavier wine might. It's a red for those of us that love red but might need a bit of a change every now and again. That being said I went through a period of time when I drank this wine every night, it's that good. It's purpley and (as I said before) juicy, with dark berry fruit and a nice earthy, coffee finish. A great buy.

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