Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Very soon I will post about some of our misadventures in wine country this last weekend. It will take me a few days to be able to put it all in perspective. There was a lot of wine drunk. A lot. And you know that's one of the things I like about wine country, anywhere in the world- they drink a lot of wine, they don't question it, and they certainly don't judge. When you've had two bottles of wine and you haven't even left for dinner yet, you know you are in wine country. People in wine country plan their days, their meals and their general time around wine. We mere mortals here in normal land choose the wine for the meal or the occasion. Wine country folk make the occasion so that they can drink the wine. They eat so that they can drink more wine. The wine is the constant, all other daily tasks and human functions are just obstacles to get to the wine. You've got to admire those kind of priorities.


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