Thursday, February 12, 2009


So this episode of Lost was pretty awesome, especially because of the big reveal about the smoke monster! The writers of Lost must be the only people reading this blog because they answered my prayers and provided us with atleast a tiny glimpse into the origins of this enigmatic jungle fixture. They seem to have a gift for giving you just enough information to keep you holding out for more without completely driving you mad (but getting pretty close to it.) I loved the Rousseau backstory as well. Though when Jin came back onto the beach after time jumping and found that campsite with the music box I was expecting for him to find Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins on the other side of those bushes, not a pregnant Danielle about to blow away her baby's daddy. I guess music boxes just go hand in hand with shipwrecking or planecrashing onto an island as Sun had one in her flashback as well (note to self, stay away from music boxes.) I hope Locke's foray into the wooden wheeled icy cavern with Jack's Dad is successful because the time jumping is getting a little bothersome and reminds me more and more of Dr. Who every time I see it for some reason. Anyways, good stuff, keep it coming.

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