Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I'm certainly happy that Jin's alive and it was cool to see Rousseau as a young semi-pregnant non-crazy-forest lady, but I'm (as always) a little baffled at some of tonight's events. I mean, these guys that have been lost physically for ever are now lost temporally as well? Doesn't seem fair, really. And now Sun is an assassin and seems to think that a "mini-bar full of candy" and skin-a-max is a great way to entertain a 3 year-old!? Angela's dad from "My So Called Life," is Ben's lawyer!? Everybody is bleeding from their heads and speaking in non-subtitled French!? I speak French, by the way, and wish that I would've been paying more attention during the little raft scene. The only insight that I gathered from the beach scene is that the tall blond guy "doesn't give a f*&# where Jin's from." I'm getting more and more into this season, as I simultaneously go back and Netflix the 4th season. I think the problem is these 8 month season breaks where we're supposed to remember all of the subtle little mysteries and story lines. It really is a great show, and certainly very captivating. I just hope they are going to clear a few things up for us one of these days. Cough, cough, smoke-monster, cough.


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