Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yay! Scary evil Ben is back! He seemed to be going a little soft there for a moment. I didn't like the feel good, "I just want to help everybody," Ben. Didn't seem natural. I like it when he manipulates people and makes them cry and then murders them. It was nice to get a bit of background on Matthew Abadon (the mysterious black dude that was apparently also on The Wire)who's been popping up for a while now, of course he was murdered pretty quickly so we didn't learn much. God, Walt got HUGE, huh? Puberty can do a lot to a kid in 5 seasons. Jack's dad may actually be alive, which is interesting, and also brings up a lot of new questions. Does the island bring people back to life? I mean obviously it did so for Locke. But then why did Locke end up in a different place then Jack, Kate and the rest of them? How did Jack's dad become The Mayor of Spooky Island? Before I just thought he was the embodiment of some ghost, this Jacob character we've heard so much about. Interesting. Who is Jeremy Bentham? (besides being an 18th century philosopher in the real world) Are we going to have to deal with backstories and flash forwards and flash backwardses for all these new crash victims? Because really I don't care and I think I speak for everyone. Solid episode. I'm excited to see Kate's and Sawyer's reunion next week.

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