Saturday, February 28, 2009


Sorry folks, I know I haven't been writing a lot lately. I'm realizing that I'm about to post another VINE-YL post, and have nothing to put in between. I've been busy... Working. I've become an "extra," which I'm sure will provide me with plenty of stories to blog about in the near future. My first job, for example, was last Friday. I was informed by my agency that I was the first choice for this particular role, some sort of reenactment. Wardrobe called me and told me I needed to bring dark clothing for the "break in" scene, as well as clothing that I normally wear every day. The plot thickens. So I was the "first choice" to play a criminal who broke into a house? Interesting. When I arrived on set I was informed that I was playing a junkie. I began to wonder if my picture at Central Casting made me look like a junkie, since the wardrobe lady had asked me to wear "what I normally wear every day." I later learned that I would be reenacting a murder that I committed. You can't make this stuff up folks. My first job as an extra and I am "first choice" at Central Casting (which is the largest extra casting agency in L.A.) to play a junkie murderer. Welcome to Hollywood.


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Anonymous said...

I too have been an extra on a few films in Louisiana. I am moving to LA this summer for school, I hope to continue being an 'extra'. Your blog on this subject is funny to me because I often wonder "why me or why not me" for some parts. What will my picture say to some casting director, who knows? Thanks for the laugh, and the creative vine-yl blog!