Monday, February 16, 2009


In honor of President's Day I will give you an excerpt from my yet- unpublished book, The Forgotten Presidents: A Cocktail Book. A book in which I give brief histories of our lesser known Commanders in Chief, and then create a cocktail to go with them. An educational drinking book if you will, that will one day allow people to go into a bar and ask for a "Millard Fillmore." But, for this rainy President's day I think we all need a happy, sunshiney kind of drink. So I give you, the
James Madison:

In honor of Madison's struggles with both the British and the French, his drink is the most British of cocktails with a bit of a French twist.
1 and ½ parts gin (preferably Hendrick's but otherwise something good like Junipero)
½ part St. Germain elderflower liqueur
splash of orange juice
squeeze of lime juice
mix the gin and st. germain in a cocktail shaker, add oj and lime juice, mix well. Pour into tall glass filled with ice, add tonic and wedge of lime.

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